Hello everyone , thank you for visiting my website.
This website is an online photo archive for classic replacement parts of the Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter.

All parts posted on this website are not for sale!
What is for sale you’ll find in the webshop.

Please use the info and search for the correct part.

Volkswagen used a logical system to number its parts.
The first 3 digits are from the model number , the second three digits are from (example) the group number 8 and the chapter 37 and the last 3 digit are from the actual part.
With that part number there’s a common use of odd (left side) and equally (right side) part numbers.
The parts are displayed from 1950 till 1967 and we don’t have anything for sale or on stock.

The pictures used in this website came from all over the internet so no copyright notice is checked. If you have a problem with me using a part picture of yours let me know?

Enjoy my archive.

Regards Wouter

“I would specially like to thanks The SambaBugBus, Kieft en Klok, Bus OK and Vintagebus for all the info and picture’s i could collect over the past 8 years”