211905205F Distributor

Bosch part number ZV/VJR4BR25/1 or 0 231 129 010
1192cc 36HP engines up to engine number 3 580 000 (01-1960)

Service parts for this distributor:

BOSCH Distributor 0 231 129 010
The 010, famous as a period performance upgrade, was actually a Bosch factory replacement for the VJR 4 BR 25, a distributor introduced in May, 1959 for the bastard 40hp engine for the 1959-1960 transporter.
The unit, a mechanical advance distributor, has the same advance progression as its predecessor, providing approximately 10 degrees advance at 1400 rpm as measured at the distributor, 20 degrees at 2800 rpm at the crankshaft.

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