111101371 Cylinder head

Parts manuals tell different part numbers for the early engines.
As you can see on the first picture the number visible on the box is 111101351 while the number on the head 111101371 is.
Numbers mentioned are:

  • 111101351 Cylinder head up to Engine number 1-695 281 (1131cc)
  • 111101351A Cylinder head from Engine number 1-695 282 (1192cc)

VE 4 BRS 383 Bosch distributor

919021A renumbered to 111905205, used from 1948 until 1953.
Porsche 356 used this distributor from 1948 till 1954.
Used in combination with ignition coil TE6A3.

Service parts for this distributor:

Front- and rear bumper trim set 1952-1956

Part numbers shown in the picture are:
Pressed bumper trim can be recognized thru the round holes in the trim.
These holes make place for the bumper bolts.
241853505A – Front bumper trim left- and right used up to chassis number 178 004 (03/1956) Length is 34inch or 850mm.
241853515 – Rear bumper trim left
241853516 – Rear bumper trim right