111905295 Condenser

Different partnumbers for this part:

  • ACDelco U211
  • Airtex 5H1075
  • Bosch 02170
  • Bosch 1 237 330 055
  • Bosch ZK029/13Z
    Date stamped 7J = week 7, year 1953
  • Bosch LMKO1Z29Z
  • Bosch LMK01Z39Z
    Date stamped 12U = week 12, year 1963
  • BWD G587
  • BWD G650
  • Carquest 50-1578
  • Commercial Ignition CS 82 
  • Wells RB500

25HP Heater Boxes X Cover Plate

The partnumber of this piece is unknown to me.

I have a lot of part manuals but none of them show this X plate like in this early exploded view. (Note: See the two piece cilinderhead engine tin)

Top x cover plate is used by VW on the 2-piece crankcase.
Bottom x cover plate is used by Porsche on the 3-piece crankcase from 1954.

VE 4 BRS 383 Bosch distributor

919021A renumbered to 111905205, used from 1948 until 1953.
Porsche 356 used this distributor from 1948 till 1954.
Used in combination with ignition coil TE6A3.

Service parts for this distributor:

Here is some information on the changes of VE4BRS383: 
From March 1951 number and letter ID for month and year 
From 17 Sept 1952 both flat and wire type clips used 
From 13 Nov 1952 O-ring 

Photogallery of a 1950 distributor:

Rebuilt distributor by Aircooled Beetle Paradise (Located in Belgium)
Costs for rebuilding the distributor in 2019 was 160€.